Monday, July 18, 2005


He tows up half the pilots here then takes off for a flight. Our buddy Bo is near Del Rio, Texas. He thought the land started to look rough and took the woosy way out and landed. He flew past all the topless gliders and now owns the Single Surface World Record. Pete Lehmann AKA-"Previous record holder" ironically lent Bo his Attack Falcon "Tweety" for the flight. John Harper and Nelson Lewis are contemplating their Karmic bank account and considering the 5 hour trip up and 6 hour trip back. I think Greyhound might win-out. UPDATE - Harper/Lewis on the way to pick up Bo.


Paul Tjaden said...

Hey Bo!!!

Lauren and I want to be the first ones outside Zapata to congratulate you on this spectacular flight. Damn Boy! You da Man!

Don't know how you did it with your zipper blown open either. I can't stay up 30 minutes like that what with the buckle digging in my chest and all.

Cogratulations on a spectacular flight.

Paul Tjaden

Tom Lanning said...

Yahoo! Way to go Bo!