Monday, July 18, 2005

200 and 400 miles so far

Gary just called he is at 8500 feet and about 400 miles from Zapata. Robin Hamilton is around 225 miles out and still high. John Moody is driving for Robin and is calling me and asking for elevations of towns along the route - huh? Harper and Lewis are hanging out in Laredo in case anyone needs to be picked up. No word from Bo.

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adamp said...

Hi Dave.
Ozzy pilots are just getting out of bed and await your next report. We have just listened to your most recent posts, coffee in hand and hanging out for more news from WRE. I am still wiping sleep from my eyes but want to know where the hell Bo is, why Jonny went down (as usual pushing it) and where Gary will be.
Keep up the excellent work
Adam Parer